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After since Apple’s release of the new generation iPad and the iPad mini I’ve been debating on which device I should get to replace my iPad 1. The difference between the first generation iPad and the 4th generation iPad is almost night and day! Longer battery life, better retina display, better camera, front and back camera, lighter, and the list goes on and on! I thought I would get the iPad mini because I think the size is cute, but sometimes cute doesn’t necessarily mean useful. I decided to go with the iPad 4th generation. I ordered it online so I can’ t wait for it to arrive! It’s like an early Christmas present to myself. I’m pretty stoked about all the new features it has and being able to have all of my electronics using iOS 6.01 will make using the iCloud even easier. I’m thinking I should have gone into the store and brought it but my desire to wait in line and deal with the crowd was pretty low.

Ipad accessory for you by caseable


iPad sticker : Protect the precious and be cool !

Before my new iPad arrives I need a great iPad sticker to protect my new precious device. The last thing I need is to have scratches or a cracked screen. My last iPad made it through a few days before the contents in my bag cracked the screen. I had to bring it back to Apple and get it fixed which a hassle because it was for something that I just brought. So now I’m being very careful on finding the right iPad sticker to fit all of my needs. I need an iPad sticker that will protect the front and back of the iPad. Apple sells the smart covers but I’m not a fan of it because the back of the iPad is completely exposed! Yes, I’m sure the back of iPads in general are durable but still—I need as much as protection as possible. I also need an iPad sticker that I never need to take out the case. I can just see myself dropping the iPad as I try to take it out of the iPad sticker. So one I want one that can stay in the iPad sticker at all times. I also don’t want an iPad sticker that has a lot of bright colors or simple black. It’s either too loud or too boring, I need something in the middle. I also don’t want to be spending a fortune on an iPad sticker because I just spent enough money on a brand new iPad.


Ain’t that cool ?


An iPad sticker with your personality on it

If I could I would like to upload my company’s graphic on the iPad sticker so I can bring it with me on business trips. The iPad sticker needs to have the auto sleep wake function and be able to stand by itself. Having a free-standing iPad sticker will make my life easier especially when traveling. This iPad sticker needs to be truly original and ideally be something I can use in the office and in my personal life.


Best iPad case around


Personalized iPad sticker

There’s a company that offers fully customizable stickers. From laptops, iPads, Kindles, e-Readers, tablets, smartphones, and more the company features a variety of different devices. You can use their easy to use customization tool to upload personal graphics and design to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind sticker! It would be perfect for my iPad because it can not only protect it but add some personalization to it as well. The iPad sticker is made from recycled materials and is all hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY. It’s exciting to hear the company cares about their environment and isn’t massed produced. The iPad sticker features the sleep wake function which is always handy to have, and has edges to transform it into a free standing case. This iPad sticker is the perfect fit and I can’t wait to create my own and make one for everyone on my holiday list!

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