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I may be late in the game to finally get an iPad but it was seriously worth the wait! Why? Because I got the most updated iPad, the new generation. The iPad 4 or the new generation iPad whatever you would like to call it I finally got one! So Apple better not release an iPad 5 any time soon (obviously I’m kidding!) I love my new iPad and now I can download more Apps! I mean who knew I would be addictive to having so many Apps! I thought of getting the iPad mini, and realized with my iPhone I would need a device that is bigger. I’m using the iPad for all of my personal and professional use. From sending out emails and making presentations to editing my personal photos, you can do just about anything with the iPad! My favorite feature is how portable it is, and the battery life. Since I’m constantly traveling the iPad is always handy to provide entertainment and gives me the ability to work remotely. It’s not as clunky as a laptop, which makes my travel life a lot easier and lighter!

Ipad accessory for you by caseable


the iPad yes, but what about the necessary iPad sleeve ?

Now that I have this beautiful iPad, I need a sleeve to protect it. I thought about different options of having a case vs a sleeve and decided the sleeve would be the best thing for me. I like to know my iPad is secure in it’s sleeve! I need to get a protective sleeve as soon as possible because with the amount of traveling I do, I don’t want to scratch up my new iPad! I would hate to have scratches on the screen right now.

An iPad sleeve that screams : “i’m special” !

I’m searching for an iPad sleeve that really do it all. What I mean is I need sleeve that can showcase my brand’s name and protect it at the same time. I’ve seen other sleeves and they all seem really generic and not a lot of effort put into it. I would really like to have a local product since I’m a fan of USA made things. I’ve seen other neoprene cases in stores but they’re really boring. I’m not a fan of leather cases because of the wear and tear of the case. Like I said I need a case that can showcase what I need every time I travel.


iPad case by caseable


Personalized iPad sleeve

I found a company that can do all what I need and more! I can personalize each case exactly the way I want it. Full bleed graphics on the front and back of the sleeve without charging ridiculous amounts is hard to find! Most companies will charge by how many colors are in the design and the type of finish, etc, etc. This one lets you customize however you would like and it’s still the same cost. I can choose the color of my zipper, and the side tab colors–which really adds a whole new level of customization. The thread color also matches the zipper. I can upload my company’s logo or add my own personal photos. I can add text, and different add on like a handle or a strap. I’m not sure if my iPad needs all of those extra features but it’s great to know I can have it just in case! The iPad sleeve is made of recycled neoprene which means it’s protective and durable.

Hand-made in New-York

All the cases are hand made in their Brooklyn office. That’s incredible that the iPad sleeve is hand-stitched together! It really brings the case to life. I cannot wait to create my own one-of-kind iPad sleeve! It’s a sleeve that I can have for business and I can make one with my favorite trend! Since I’ll be carrying around my iPad all the time, it can almost act like a clutch!

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