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What came in the mail yesterday? My new iPad–woohoo! Alright, it was actually pretty hard to find the right tablet let alone figure out which iPad I needed! From the iPad mini to the iPad 2 and the new generation iPad it was hard to figure out what would be best. I realized that I could get away with the iPad 2. Yes, the new generation iPad has great retina, camera options, and a bunch of other upgrades, I thought I could get away with the iPad 2. It still has similar features, and I’m using it more for personal use than professional anyways. This iPad will be like my side-kick, where I bring it around every where! I mean it’s like new notebook! Forget having a pen and paper. You can just have an iPad to take the notes and you can send the note to co-workers or anyone who is relevant. The perfect tablet for anyone to have, I would have to go with my iPad!


The right iPad cover

Now that I have a perfect brand new iPad that means finding the right cover is incredibly important! The last thing I need right now is to have a broken iPad because I didn’t spend the time or money on finding the perfect cover! To find the perfect cover will be a challenge but one that I have to embark on. The cover needs to be something unique. Something that isn’t boring like an all leather case, or a case with a popular design. Popular designs are great and all but I want something when people see it, they say “Oh where did you get that?”, not “Oh I have the same cover!”. I don’t want to be the same, I want to be an individual. Or if I want to change up my iPad cover and have it for an event I have to work for? There needs to be a solution on having a cover that I can interchange whenever I want! Besides aesthetics, it also needs to be durable. I also need something that I won’t need to take iPad in and out. A cover that can have my iPad stay put, so I won’t have to worry about dropping it when I’m taking it out of the case! I thought about getting the covers that Apple sells, but I wanted something different and bit more protective.


customized iPad case


Trendy iPad cover

I was able to stumble upon a company that does exactly what I’m looking for! It offers custom covers for a variety of devices, but most importantly my iPad! Yes, my iPad will have a new cover and it will be completely original. When I found it I thought it was joking with it being fully customizable. But there are no lies no gimmicks, just a one stop shop to create a cover that is designed by you! Clearly, this was music to my ears because now I can have a cover that no one else would have! I’m really into photography and art, and have a few art pieces I’ve been wanting to showcase. Now I can showcase my artwork while protecting my iPad, talk about a win win situation. I was blown away with the different customization options.


A great example of what’s possible

I can upload my own graphics and do a seamless picture across the entire cover, add text, and choose the interior color. The cover has an interior pocket for documents, and the interior is a micro-suede so it’s soft and won’t scratch the iPad. I’ll never have to take it out because the cover can transform into a multi-viewing stand and with four corner straps it will be able to hold in my iPad securely. Here’s another kicker me, all of their products are eco-friendly! All of the cases are made from recycled materials and it’s also local production in Brooklyn, NY. Is this company serious? Is it possible to have a frequent shopper card because I see all of my holiday shopping on this site. I’m a big advocate for eco-friendly products and small business. I think I can put my iPad cover search to rest for right now. I’ll show you my customized cover when it’s done!


Since Apple launched their first iPad a few years back there was quite a lot of buzz around it and everyone wanted to have one. And no wonder! These stylish multi-touch screens, that look just like a big iPhone, are what everyone needed. These revolutionary gadgets with high resolutions screen unabled everyone to do their ‘things’ on the go. Not many people bother to do that with their laptops because they are bulky and too heavy to always carry around. But with a device like iPad, this is possible.

Handmade iPad cover

You can use iPads for lots of different reasons like watching movies when you’re bored or you’re waiting somewhere (which to be honest, we do a lot), you can send emails to your loved ones (or even not the loved ones), you are able to play games, listen to music or take photos of your happy face. Yes, who wouldn’t have one with a gadget like iPad!

But as with any device we need to look after it and make sure that it stays nice and shiny at all times! For gadgets like iPads it is important to have a cover. It’s understandable that everyone wants to show off their fancy iPads and so many people tend to carry it around with no cover (or just a very simple one that doesn’t do much). Or there are also those that want to take it out of the black leather cover as soon as they can so that they can show off their pride to others. But there is no need to do that if you have got a cool, stylish and personalised iPad cover. One that would be truly designed by you and for you, and would be like a piece of art. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! No need to take out your iPad out of the cover as soon as you can and hide that horrible black leather thing back in your bag. With a self-designed case you can show off your protective cover as much as the actual iPad.


Best iPad case around


Design your own iPad cover

There are also lots of other ways how your iPad cover can be much cooler that the businessman’s that’s sitting opposite you (although even businessmen can have a stylish cover) on the subway. Not only that you can design it with your favourite colours but you can also add your favourite photos or some catchy phrases. Or if you want to make someone happy and give them an iPad cover for Christmas (“ho ho ho”) for example, you can design it with their cute little pooch. Or if you want to be a little bit more serious you can design it with your company logo and be the big boss of it all! ;-) With the numerous designs that I came across it’s really possible to have your iPad cover the way you want it.

What I also find important is to be gentle to the environment and have a cover that is made from recyclable materials. And there are normally not many products like that out there. However, I was lucky to find one.


And what can make your already cool and stylish iPad cover even better? It’s the attention to detail and great care during the production process. So nope, your cover won’t be made huge steel machines or robots (sorry if this is disappointing for certain individuals;-) ) but it will be made by a pair of two loving hands in the great city of New York.

Some people can be really picky (ehm, me including) when it comes to many things so it’s important to have as many great points to the iPad covers as possible. And believe me, there are iPad cover like that out there but you just need to discover them like I did!

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