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It took some time before I could find which tablet I wanted to fit my every day lifestyle. But after much deliberation, I came to the conclusion of having an iPad. Plus, having all other Apple products made this process a bit easier, so now all of my gadgets can sync up together. I decided to get the new generation iPad. With amazing retina display, 10 hour batter life, faster connection, higher camera quality, and the ability to edit photos, the iPad is the best investment I’ve ever made. I hardly ever use my digital camera any more because the camera on the iPad takes great photos, and I always seem to have it around. Now I can do all of my work, grocery shopping, and other random activities on my iPad. It’s light, sleek, and beautiful–which means finding the right case is incredibly important.


Best iPad case around

The importance of an iPad case

As I mentioned before, it may be sleek but I’m incredibly clumsy! Within the first week of having my iPhone, I smashed the screen. So I knew I needed to get a case for the iPad as soon as possible. The amount of times I drop things in general is alarming. The last thing I want to do is to destroy the screen of my iPad. How annoying would it be for me to have a cracked screen on a brand new product! Plus, I really don’t need to be replacing my electronics every year. This iPad should last me a while, and that is exactly what I intend in doing.

This is where the hard part comes in, what type of case? There are so many different type of cases! I think I’ll be on the prowl for an iPad case. Something simple, easy to use, and of course protects my iPad. I’m looking for great design and protection which can be hard to find. There are so many cases that are boring and repetitive. No I don’t want a black solid case, I want a case that can showcase my personality. The iPad case should be able to have all the buttons accessible. How annoying is it when you find the perfect case but it’s impossible to click on the side buttons? I would not want that or need that! It would be neat to have a case that can also be a stand. I know I’m always doing work on the plane, at my desk, or on the train, so it’s useful to be able to use my iPad with a stand. I’m also looking for a case that has the auto/sleep function, it’s just handy to have!

I know Apple sells different iPad cover options, but it doesn’t protect the back, which is a huge draw back. I wouldn’t want the back of the iPad getting scratched. Like I said before, I really don’t want anything happening to my iPad!

At last cool iPad cases !

There is a company that can make customized cases. Wouldn’t that be fun? To be able to create a case for every season, every holiday, company outing, and more! I know I need a case for different occasions. From when I travel for work or on a family vacation. For work it would be great to have a case that represents the company I work for. For when I’m on vacation, I don’t need to a professional case! I can have a case with my favorite photo or fashion trend. All I have to do is upload different images through the easy to use customization tool to create my own one-of-a-kind iPad case.

I can add my own text and other features that are in the tool. The entire outside can be customized–NEAT! I can pick from five interior colors such as black, white, pink, orange, and blue. The case can also transform into a free-stand with multiple viewing options. This is perfect for when I need to do work on my iPad! Having the ability to transform my iPad viewing angle is helpful when traveling and every day use. The case has the smart cover option with the auto sleep and wake function. This makes the case incredibly convenient and compatible with my iPad! The iPad is securely held in with four corner straps and an exterior strap to help bind it all together when it’s closed. Great for travel and every day use, something I cannot stress enough.

cool ipad case

Quality-made green iPad case

The iPad case comes with an interior pocket, great for when I need to store documents or business cards. Besides the fact I can customize my own case what really sets this iPad case a part is the fact it’s all hand-crafted from recycled materials! It’s a local product, and eco-friendly which can boost your moral while designing something for yourself or someone else! Really, I think my iPad case search may be over!


As we all know, iPads are becoming more and more popular and everyone wants to have one! And I’m not surprised. They are easy to handle (I think most of us are quite used to Apple products by now), they are so light compare to some huge and heavy laptops, they’ve got all you need and I think I don’t even need to mention how sexy and stylish they look! Our dear Apple has come up with a few models of this tablet computer over the past couple of years, eg. iPad 2 or iPad with Retina display.






Recently, Apple has launched new iPad mini which is basically the mini-me version. It’s smaller and lighter but it has the same features as its bigger brother – you can surf the web, watch films or take crazy party photos with its 5-megapixel camera.



Besides being able to use the iPad as a computer and iPhone combined, I believe you can use it as a stylish accessory too! The size and weight make it so easy to  just grab it and take it with you anywhere, whether you are going on holidays, travelling to work or you have a boring a long wait at the doctors.

But when you do take your iPad with you it is important to have some good quality cover for it. No one likes to get a scratch or crack on their dear iPad! I get goosebumps just to imagine someone putting it in a bag without any case. Brrrr! So please, don’t forget to protect your iPad.

However, I am a girl who likes to have some stylish and cool design. I loathe boring black cases. Is there anything worse? Then we end up with hundred people carrying the same looking iPad cases under their arm. But we all are different so why not express it with your case as well?

Once you get over the initial ‘ooh and aww’ with your iPad it’s time for some awesome case for it! Do browse the web for something that expresses who you are. People do it with their mobiles so why not do it with iPads as well. At first, I had hard time to find something that would fit my taste but I did discover THE one. I realised I’ve got so many options suddenly and I could let my imagination run wild. Your case can also be unique and personalized in the way you like!


So next time you sit on the bus, subway or a horse, take out that iPad all nicely wrapped up in its beautiful case. And when the road gets bumpy, your beloved iPad will also be protected! The best option is when you can combine design with protection. And that’s exactly what I am after!



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