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I am so excited about my new iPad! My laptop is getting pretty old, and it does not work very well anymore. It is really hard for me to load movies and television shows on it, and it loses charge very quickly so it is not very portable. An iPad was the perfect solution. I was hinting about it to my mom for weeks and weeks and she got me one for my birthday! The iPad is pretty much as easy and simple to use as a laptop, and it is much more portable and perfect for watching movies and television shows on-the-go.


customized iPad case


I am in love with my iPad, but since I am a klutz sometimes (all the time) I really need to get a cool case for it. I really want one that will express my personality. I hate boring black cases that everyone else has. I want an iPad case that is well designed and unique. However, the problem with cool fun cases is that they usually do not do a good job at actually protecting the iPad. They look really nice, and they are a great way to give your device a personality. But they do not work in terms of actually properly protecting the iPad. I am also really worried about the screen of my iPad, because if it ever gets scratched it will be there forever and it would be really distracting to look at. So I want a really fun case that will also perform the practical functions of protecting the device and the screen.

Which iPad bumper case should i choose ?

I am thinking about getting an iPad bumper case. I drop my cell phone all the time, and although hopefully I will not drop the iPad too much, I think an iPad bumper case would really help protect it in the event that I do.  Since I use my device to watch a television and movies, I am worried about it falling over if I have it propped up, and the bumper case would help with that. iPad bumper cases give the ipad a lift and protect the screen and back from scratching. It would be cool to have an iPad bumper case to help raise it off the table a bit.

 iPad case by caseable


I would also like my case to be compatible with the iDock.  I have been doing some research on cases. Several of the iPad bumper cases are made out of high impact rubber, and they have little post things coming out of the back that I assume function as an additional shock absorber. I ended up finding a youtube video about an iPad bumper case where someone was throwing an iPad off of a ladder, and the iPad was completely fine with the bumper case on it.

Cool iPad Bumper case

I did find one company in particular that makes iPad bumper cases. The cases are made out of recycled materials, but they are also extremely durable. They are perfect for carrying the iPad around as well. The bumper cases completely encase the iPad to ensure that it is completely protected. The case also allows you to stand it up- perfect for watching movies.

My favorite thing about these cases is that they are completely customizable. You can choose from a wide variety of very cool artist designs, or you can upload your own graphic or photo, and whatever image is printed perfectly onto the iPad bumper case! You can completely design your own custom case that no one else will have. I am so excited to order mine!

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