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So I’ve been trying to figure out what tablet I should be getting myself as an early present. After much deliberation I’ve decided to go with the iPad 2. I was debating between several other tablets but the iPad made the most sense since all of my other electronics are from Apple. It would make it so much easier to have everything all synced and ready to go! Then it came to figuring out which iPad I wanted—the iPad 2, new generation iPad, or the iPad mini!

cool ipad accessorry

The mini seemed great with all the new features but the screen size was too small for me because I’m trying to use it for when I’m at work and traveling around. So yes, I finally decided on the iPad 2! It has great features and countless apps, etc! The camera might not be as great as the iPad 3, but I think I’ll survive without out. I love my new tablet and can’t wait to take it with me when I’m traveling! It’ll make traveling so much lighter because I use to carry around my laptop and my e-Reader. Now everything is just condensed and I can use one device.

I have this new shiny device and the last thing I want to do is ruin it. I don’t need to be replacing my electronics every year or every month because of my clumsiness! I had to get my iPhone replaced after 3 weeks of having it because I failed to have a case on it. You can say that I’ve learned my lesson! I mean how could you not want to protect your devices? For those who travel without cases—that’s just crazy! So many factors could happen like dropping it or just being in my purse. I’m pretty sure my purse is a war zone with my make-up, keys, and other items, the iPad would get scratched in a heartbeat! So now I’m on the prowl for a great iPad accessory. It doesn’t need to be super expensive but it can’t be plain either. That’s the last thing I want is a plain iPad accessory!


Ipad accessory for you by caseable

The perfect iPad accessory

My perfect iPad accessory is one that can protect my iPad and add a little something extra. I could care less for a hard shell case or a leather case because I see those everywhere! I want an original iPad accessory. An accessory that is unique because I picked it out or made it. I don’t need to spend over $100 for a designer iPad accessory! I also don’t want a cheap one from Walmart. This is making my search for the perfect iPad accessory even harder! I feel like I have so many requirements that I want to be met, but when it’s protecting a brand new device it’s incredibly important.

There’s a website that can do everything that I want in terms of having the perfect iPad accessory. You can create a one-of-a-kind case for a variety of electronics. The company offers cases for laptops, iPads, Kindles, e-Readers, tablets, smartphones, and more. You can upload personal graphics through their easy to use customization tool. With the iPad and e-Reader case you can choose from 5 interior colors—black, white, orange, blue, and pink. The exterior is fully customizable which means I can have an iPad accessory for every occasion! You can even add text and other artwork from their artist selection.


 Hand-crafted iPad accessory

The iPad accessory is crafted from recycled materials because I’m an advocate for eco-friendly companies! Each iPad accessory is hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY which makes it extra personal because there’s a person making my case instead being mass produced. The iPad accessory features the auto sleep/wake function, and has silicone edges to transform it into multiple viewing stands. This iPad accessory is perfect for my tablet and I can’t wait to make one for myself and everyone on my Holiday List!


Best iPad accessory around

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